my name is Erwin Mentel.

This is me some time ago:




I’m a middle age man from Poland. I live in Łódź with my family. My lovely babies daughter Maja (2012) and son Mikołaj (2015) and of course with my loving wife Renata.

I work in a bank in Łódź at a back office. I love my work, but I love blogging to that is why I run two blogs, one is this you are currently on, and the other one is


I also run a blog about speedway in Polish language:



You can visit them all every time you wish.


As you can see I love my family and God first, then I love sport, especially speedway and at the end I love my job and blogging.


I hope now you know me better and you will be visiting my blog often. Feel free to do this every time.



And be also active here, comment, share and like. I know you will find here only great content.


All the best Erwin.

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