The One Thing You Must Do Before You Start To Write Your Post!

If you are not a blogger, you misses on a very popular thing this days, so I hope you will love to read this.


But if you are a blogger, and you love or hate to write, you must do one thing before you will start to write your post!



You are wondering now what this one essential thing is, right?

I will surprise you.




If you want your post to stand out of others, you must read. Yes, read others blogs what people are posting, read comments and read also things which are not related to your writing.


By reading you are getting ideas and inspirations to writing! If you have your style, look what is others style and pic the best bits.


Read posts, comments, books or e-books, fun jokes and inspiration things or even poems.

And everyday when you wake up, after praising God first, then you must start reading for at least half an hour and then you are ready to write.


And if you hate reading, listen to an audio books on your iPhone or mp3. Then you can switch your laptop and read the internet, what interest you or make you laugh. You will be amazed how powerful that is. And then you are ready to write! And it will be easy for you to do this.


I can say that writing is silver but the reading is gold!


I hope you had fun reading this post and it was a good value for you. So please share with us what is your point on reading? Do you like it or hate it? And what is your favorite book, blog or post?


And now is time to action. You’ve read this post so start writing the comment, thank you.


See you on top.


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